Mutthi Sansthan are always asked these questions...

We (Archana & Saroj Patel) founders of Mutthi Sansthan are always asked these questions of "How it started" "What motivated you" and so forth.
Thus, I'd like to share our story. We always wanted to give something back to the society and being empowered women, our area of interest was helping women. Therefore, we decided to get in touch with a few NGO and get a hang of things of how they operate.
On 12/12/12 we met the Owner of Mahesh Ashram and he requested us to set up and start his project calledDivya Mothers Milk Bank. Until then, we'd never heard of donating mother's milk and we readily accepted the offer. We set up the bank from scratch. Our motto of starting the bank fulfilled and we left it.
16 Dec 2012 - Nirbhaya's incident had left the nation shell-shocked and so were we. We started our survey with the question "Why are women still suffering" & "Why are women still the weaker section of the population".
We interacted with various lawyers, police personnel and people and come to a conclusion that Women aren't aware of their rights, and laws. Hence, we collected all the information from various sources and prepared ourselves to conduct FREE Session for girls. That's how Sexual Offences Awareness Program a VOLUNTARY MISSION of educating girls of their rights, explaining them sexual offences and laws related to it, how to report the crime and a few self defense techniques. We take these session for FREE in various schools and colleges.
In the process of creating awareness, numerous women approached us with their problems. We helped them through counseling or reporting the crime or giving them legal help. But, we weren't able to empower them. We began another survey of looking for employment opportunities. That's when we realized Every house needs domestic help, every office needs a receptionist, every beauty parlour a beautician and every boutique a tailor. Neither there’s a dearth of jobs nor skilled women workers. However, the gap between these two is immense. That led to starting our next Social Initiative Jobs4her. Again a voluntary service of provide employment opportunities to women. Neither do we charge a penny to the lady whom we give employment nor to the people who avail these services.
All the missions are voluntary.