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Saroj Patel



9, Lal Niwas, Sardarpura, Udaipur


A business women and successful homemaker has laid the foundation of Mutthi Sansthan. She hails from a business family based in Ratlam. She was always a misfit in the city because of liberal and altruistic thoughts.  She had been a victim of sexual harassment and abuse during her school and college years. Though such experience make us bitter. But these experience didn’t deter her from helping and empowering women. A M.Com graduate whose work ethics have contributed towards the professionalism of Mutthi. She successfully co-handles with her husband her company of herbal and medicinal plants which is among the leading companies in the country. She believes that if one women has suffered doesn't mean the others have to as well. Her optimism and working style has given the right direction to Mutthi.